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New Construction Roofing Services

If you’re building a new facility for your company or adding on to an existing building, Kirberg has all the services you need to install your new roof.

Is your company building a new office, warehouse, or campus? Are you planning to build an addition to your existing facility? Either way, Kirberg provides the commercial roof construction services you need to complete your construction project. We’re a roofing construction company that customizes our services to meet our clients’ specific roofing needs. We provide roofing installation services to businesses in a range of industries throughout the St. Louis area and in Springfield, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas. 

The Kirberg Advantage

Kirberg offers 100 years of knowledge and experience as well as excellent customer service. We’ve been around for a century because we have dedicated ourselves to providing best-in-class commercial and residential roofing solutions. Our new construction services are part of that. When you partner with us, you can trust us to deliver a cost-effective solution that meets your roofing needs, such as fire resistance and energy efficiency. You can also rely on us to repair and maintain your new roof years after we install it. We work as diligently as possible to provide the right roof for your new building.

man installing an EPDM flat roof

Learn About Our Company’s History

Discover Kirberg’s 100-year history of roofing excellence. Our long history gives us the expertise and resources to meet all your roofing needs.

Our New Roof Construction Services

When we install a commercial roofing system for a piece of new construction, we work closely with you and your construction contractor to deliver the right type of roof for the building. We work with the following commercial roofing materials:

When you partner with us for new roofing services, we make sure you find the right roof membrane type for your building.

Overhead view of a commercial warehouse getting metal roof

Choosing the Right Roof

We do everything we can to make sure your new construction has the right roof. We can assess your current facility’s existing roof and consult with you about using that roof type for the new construction project. We take the architecture of the building into account as we select your new commercial roofing system. We’ll determine whether you’d benefit from single-ply rubber roofing or any other type of membrane. We’re the roofing contractor that will help you make the right roof type decision.

Types of Flat Roof Membranes

We work with two main types of single-ply roofing membranes: EPDM and TPO. Both are simple and cost effective to install, and they reflect ultraviolet light. We understand the pros and cons of both types of flat roof membranes, so we can help you choose the right membrane for your new facility.

Why Choose Kirberg?

At Kirberg, we take pride in providing safe roofing installations that comply with all relevant safety regulations. We put safety at the forefront of everything we do by having daily and monthly safety meetings and attending local safety events. We put so much emphasis on our safety practices that we’ve received awards for them. Trust us to stay safe while installing your new roof and to keep it safe when it’s complete.

Complete Your New Construction Roofing Project With Kirberg

If you have a new construction project that needs a roof, reach out to Kirberg Company today. We use our roofing expertise and resources to build new roofs in a variety of industries, from manufacturing plants to hospitals to corporate campuses. We can assess your construction plans, determine what type of roof works best, and install the roof in a cost-effective way. No matter what type of building you have in mind, we can install the right roof for it. Trust us to put your roofing needs and project goals first, and then customize our services to make your construction plans a reality.

Connect With Us for All of Your Commercial Roofing Needs

We do so much more than just new construction roof installations. We do everything from commercial roof maintenance and repairs to full roof replacements, so reach out to us if you need those services.

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