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Rooftop Gardens

If you want to improve the environment with an eco-friendly rooftop solution, you should find out more about Kirberg’s rooftop garden offerings.

Have you heard about green roof systems, also known as rooftop gardens? You may have, since they’ve been popping up around urban areas across the U.S. Green built roofs give citizens access to fresh plants in an urban environment, and your roof can join them. Kirberg installs green roofs, and we can help you navigate the installation process so you can reap the benefits of a green roof.

Different Types of Green Built Roofing

To reap green roof benefits, you need to choose which type of green roof you want to install. You can choose from the three main types of green roofs:

  • Intensive Roofs:  An intensive roof often functions as a rooftop park or a community garden. They have room for high levels of foot traffic, and they’re usually planted with shrubs, trees, crops, or edible flowers. To install an intensive roof, you need an irrigation system to water the plants on top of it.
  • Extensive Roofs: These roofs are the exact opposite of intensive roofs. An extensive roof is essentially an ecological landscape that sits on top of your building. They usually host self-seeding sedums, as well as grasses, mosses, and perennials. These plants need little day-to-day maintenance and they don’t require an irrigation system, since they get the water they need from rainfall.
  • Semi-Intensive Roofs: As their name suggests, these roofs are the middle ground between the two extremes listed above. A semi-intensive roof is a combination of a rooftop garden and an ecological landscape, so they can handle limited foot traffic. They do require an irrigation system, and you can plant grasses, herbs, and shrubs on them.

Discover Our Rooftop Garden Services

If you’re interested in installing a rooftop garden, reach out to Kirberg today. We can install it for you and help you maintain it in the long run.

Green Roof Benefits

What exactly are the benefits of green roofing systems? Well, green roofs reduce air pollution by offsetting carbon dioxide emissions with the oxygen that roofs’ plants produce. They also improve buildings’ stormwater management, since stormwater runoff serves as a nutrient for the plants. Ultimately, green roofs benefit the environment by introducing green space into urban areas.

Install Your Green Roof With Kirberg

Call Kirberg today to begin creating the right green roof for your building. We’ll help you navigate the process, from design to plant selection, so you can embrace a green alternative to a conventional roof.

Discover Our Solar Panel Roof Installation Services

If you’re interested in eco-friendly alternatives to traditional roofs, but you’re not ready for a rooftop garden, consider investing in rooftop solar panels. Kirberg can help you install them.

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