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Roofing Brands

Kirberg is certified with every major roofing manufacturer, so we use a wide range of quality roofing products in the projects we complete.

Which roofing products does your roofing contractor use? At Kirberg Company, we use the highest quality roofing products to complete our customers’ projects and maximize their roofs’ lifespans.

Why Do We Work With the Best Roofing Brands?

We use products from industry-leading manufacturers and vendors because high-quality products help us ensure a high-quality result. Additionally, we use a wide variety of high-quality products so we have the resources to tackle any roofing project a customer brings to us. No matter what your roofing needs are, we have the products to fulfill them.

Discover the Brands We Use

The brands we work with include the following:

Alpha Guard

We use Alpha Guard’s fluid applied roof coating to restore our customers’ flat commercial roofs.

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