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Hail Damage

If your roof has sustained hail damage and you need repairs, Kirberg Company is here to help.

Hail damage can cause major problems on residential roofs, which is why Kirberg provides hail damage repair services. We can undo the damage on different types of roofs, including shingle, tile, and slate roofs. We can also help you make a roof insurance claim to cover our services as we repair or replace your hail-damaged roof.

Signs of Hail Damage on Different Types of Roofs

Hail damage has different effects on different roofing materials, and Kirberg knows how to repair all of them. For example, asphalt shingles lose their granules, which are the small ceramic flecks on the shingles’ top layer. When these granules fall off, they expose the underlying asphalt layer below, which can lead to roof leaks. Hailstones can also leave small, soft depressions that can lead the shingles to absorb water and deteriorate. Shingles can also loosen, break, or fall off after sustaining damage in a hailstorm.

Slate roofs can also sustain damage from hailstorms, but this damage appears differently than damage to asphalt shingles. Slate often resists hail damage, but when it does appear, the damage can create jagged holes in the slate panels, and it can also crack or break the panels. If 20%-30% of the slate panels are damaged or broken, you’ll need to replace your roof.

Making a Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claim

If you want to learn about home insurance and roof replacement and repairs, Kirberg can help you do that. Most home insurance policies cover weather-related damage, but not regular wear and tear. However, you should reach out to your insurance company to review the details of your home’s specific insurance policy. You should also find out if your home insurance covers roof replacements.

If you want to file a claim, you should have a roof inspection performed to assess the damage. When you file a homeowner’s insurance claim for roof damage, an insurance adjuster will assess your claim, the inspection, and all required documents. If they approve your claim, we can start providing our hail damage roof repair services.

Assess Your Roof’s Hail Damage With a Kirberg Roof Inspection

If you want to file a roof claim, reach out to Kirberg Company to schedule an inspection. A roof inspection can start your journey toward repairing your roof’s hail damage.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Hail-Damaged Roof?

Whether you repair or replace your damaged roof depends on how extensive the damage is. For example, a good general rule of thumb for slate roofs is that if 20%-30% of the roof is damaged, you’ll need a replacement. A good rule of thumb for other types of roofs is if the repairs cost at least half as much as a new roofing system, you should replace your roof. If the hail damage is not that extensive or costly, you should have it repaired.

Why Choose Kirberg?

You should choose Kirberg to repair your weather damage because we have been repairing all types of residential roofs in the St. Louis area for 100 years. We can use our extensive experience and knowledge to give your residential roof the custom repairs or replacement it needs. Additionally, we specialize in slate and tile roof services, so you can count on us to repair slate panels or ceramic tiles if they ever sustain weather-related damage.

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Start Repairing Hail Damage With Kirberg Company

Kirberg Company can help you navigate the entire process of assessing the hail damage on your roof and receiving repairs or a roof replacement. We can inspect and assess your roof, help you file a claim, and repair the damage. No matter what your residential roofing repair needs are, our team at Kirberg can find a way to meet them and keep your roof in excellent condition. We’re here to install, repair, and maintain your roof.

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