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Fluid Applied Roofing

Fluid applied roof coatings offer many benefits to commercial flat roofs, and Kirberg can help you install this type of liquid roof coating on your existing roof.

As a commercial building owner or manager, you want a roof surface that resists roof leaks and ponding water. After all, if you have a waterproof membrane, you’ll have less roof damage to deal with. Kirberg can install a spray-applied roof coating for you so you can reap its benefits.

Benefits of Fluid Applied Coatings

If you’re interested in a sloped or flat roof spray coating for your commercial facility, you should understand how they work as well as the benefits they offer. First of all, your roofing contractor doesn’t need to tear off any old materials on the existing roof. Your contractor sprays the coating directly onto the roof membrane without drilling, welding, or nailing material down. The installation process’s simplicity dramatically reduces the time and effort required to apply a spray-on system.

Once your contractor installs the fluid applied coating on your commercial roof system, it becomes a water-tight defense against heavy and light rain. That’s important here in the Midwest, where we get all kinds of precipitation, from light drizzles to severe thunderstorms. But these coatings protect your building from more than just roof leaks and water damage. They also reflect UV rays, which can wear roof membranes out with their intensity. Ultimately, fluid applied roof coatings offer easy installation as well as comprehensive weather protection in rainy and sunny conditions.

Roof Restoration

Find Out if a Fluid Applied System Can Improve Your Roof

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Why Partner With Kirberg to Install a Coating on Your Roof?

You should partner with Kirberg because after 100 years in the roofing industry, we know how to assess our customers’ roofs and create the exact solutions they need to protect their roofs and their homes and buildings overall. Additionally, we are certified with just about every major roofing manufacturer, so we’re familiar with quality products on the market, and we can determine which products will help us create a high-performance solution for your roof. Essentially, Kirberg has the resources, skills, and experience to provide the right fluid applied coating solution for your building.

Spray on a Fluid Applied Coating With Kirberg

Call Kirberg today to get the roof coating process started. We can assess your roof and determine which spray-on system will fit it best. Then we can start the installation process so you can reap the coating’s benefits as soon as possible.

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