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Annual Slate and Tile Maintenance Program

Each year, the effects of Fall, Winter and Summer storms can damage your slate roof. Protect your investment by signing up for our annual Slate and Tile Maintenance Program.

The life of the roof can be extended through proper maintenance. Replace broken or missing slate, recement the ridges, inspect the valleys. These are all good practices that should be done on an annual basis.

Cost of Program: $50.00 annually

Note: This is an auto enrollment.  Once a customer enrolls, they will be charged $50.00 per year. 

Our Maintenance Program

Our service includes the latest pictures of your roof and a detailed report that you can send to your insurance provider. Providing documentation on an annual basis provides proof to your insurance carrier that you are maintaining your roof and lessens the effort required to prove that a recent storm that has impacted your property when you need to file a claim. This process has proven to be successful and your damages can’t be considered a “pre-existing condition” or “wear and tear” when you have proof of what the property looked like prior to the damage caused by a storm.

Kirberg Company’s Annual Slate and Tile Maintenance Program will provide you peace of mind throughout the year. Do not wait until you have an emergency, cover your roof today, so you have someone you can trust and rely on when youdo have an emergency. Sign up today!

Slate and Tile Maintenance Program 3

Program Includes

  • Detailed report of roofs current condition with photos
  • Thorough evaluation to examine the condition of the slates, tiles, substrate, fasteners, flashings, penetrations, and areas that maybe prone to problems.
  • Check chimney flashing, masonry, and cap or flue covers.
  • Check gutters for holes and debris, ensuring seams are intact.
  • Projected estimate of future service and maintenance costs.
  • Report of repair items, cost submitted in separate proposal.
  • Report of slate and tile cleaning options if needed
Slate and Tile Maintenance Program 2

Once you have successfully enrolled, we will follow up to confirm your registration and schedule your annual maintenance appointment.

Slate and Tile Annual Maintenance Program