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Roof Snow Removal

Keep your commercial roof intact through the winter with our roof snow removal services.

When Midwestern winter storms arrive, they often bring snow and ice with them. Snow builds up on your commercial building, and it can damage your flat roof if you don’t have it removed. Kirberg provides comprehensive commercial snow removal services to keep your roof in excellent shape throughout the winter months.

Why Do You Need Roof Snow Removal Services?

Roof snow removal services prevent snow from building up and creating serious problems in your commercial building. If you leave wet snow untouched on your roof, ice dams can develop around rooftop components, and snowmelt can eventually contribute to leaks and water damage in your building. Additionally, excessive snow accumulation can cause your roof to cave in, which could lead to downtime and endanger your building’s occupants. Partnering with a snow removal company prevents these problems from occurring.

What Types of Roofs Does Kirberg Work With?

We perform both pitched and flat roof snow removal. When we remove snow from pitched roofs, we prevent ice dams from forming and remove any existing ones. For flat roofs, we remove the snow and prevent ponding and leaks from forming on flat roofs’ waterproof membranes. We work with an extensive range of roof materials, so we can develop the right customized snow removal solution for your commercial building.

What Roofing Problems Do Snow and Ice Cause?

We mentioned above that snow and ice cause leaks and ice dams, but they also cause damage to specific parts of commercial roofs. For example, leaking can occur when water from snow melt infiltrates your roof’s flashings and caulking. This infiltration can lead to water damage within your building. Additionally, when snow builds up on your roof surface, it makes heating your building more difficult, so you have to turn your thermostat up higher to make your building warmer. It also adds large amounts of weight to your roof, which can shorten its lifespan in the long run. Proper snow and ice management and removal services minimize these problems so you can get through the winter without worrying about your roof.

Discover Our Commercial Roof Restoration Services

Our roof restoration services bring your commercial flat roof back to life after it suffers weather and other types of damage that could shorten its lifespan.

Reducing Snow Damage On Your Roof

If you want to reduce commercial roof damage from snow and ice, schedule a roof inspection twice a year with Kirberg Company. We inspect your roof for any ice dams, leaks, ponding, and damaged flashings, among other potential problems. We also perform comprehensive snow removal, so it doesn’t weigh your roof down or cause any serious problems during the winter months. Trust us to improve and protect your commercial property’s roof throughout the winter.

Why Trust Roofing Professionals With Snow Removal?

You may think that you can remove the snow on your commercial roof yourself or have an employee do it, but it’s much more difficult than you may think. Sometimes, when people try to remove snow from their commercial roofs, they end up removing only part of the snow and ice, leaving many ice dams and a lot of snowfall in place. Kirberg’s roofing technicians are trained to remove the snow and ice from your roof with professional techniques that protect your roof and keep it from developing leaks and ice dams. Whether you have a flat or sloped roof, our commercial snow removal services keep your roof safe during any and all winter weather conditions.

Remove Snow and Ice With Kirberg Company

If you want to improve your commercial building’s ice and snow management and removal processes, reach out to Kirberg Company today. We customize our commercial snow removal services to meet our clients’ individual needs, so we can deliver the right snow removal solutions for your building. Trust us to inspect your roof, determine where its trouble spots are, and remove any winter weather problems your roof may have.

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If you’re worried about your commercial roof’s condition, reach out to Kirberg Company today. We assess the state of your roof and return it to excellent condition.

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