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When our customers work with Kirberg, they have so many good things to say! Look at what our customers say about Kirberg Company:

Our Customers’ Testimonials

A big thank you to Eric, Nathan, and everyone else who helped with our roof. It looks amazing and we get so many compliments on it!


I just want to share with you what a great experience I had working with Gus, Rachel, and the rest of your team for the new roof and gutters on our house. I literally have never heard someone tell me they had a good experience with a residential roofing job, and I must tell you your team totally proved that wrong. They were all over every detail, followed up on questions quickly, and made it easy to get the process through the insurance company.

We just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for helping us. And finally, thank you for taking time out of your day when you did not have to. We really appreciate what you have done for us. So, THANK YOU! Sincerely,

Eric + Tom did an excellent job! I will continue to recommend you to my friends.

Eric, many thanks for your hard work and diligence. You really set yourself apart from other contractors. We are delighted with the quality of your work. It makes our house stand out. Sincerely,

To whom it may concern, I have worked with The Kirberg Company for the last 14 years and I can say that they are one of the most professional and respected roofing companies in the state of Missouri. Their employees are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people I have dealt with. With this professionalism, there are never any shortcuts taken and they will always go above and beyond to use the right products and applications to give their customers a roof that will last for years. Kirberg Co is also involved on a local level and gives back to many organizations in order to be a leader in the community in regards to philanthropy and charity. Being a locally owned family company, they have been a cornerstone of the St. Louis community for years. They are a pleasure to deal with and are sure to be around for generations and stand the test of time.

I have worked with Kirberg Company for more than 30 years and can say with no reservations that they are a top-notch professional roofing organization and very well-respected company. Their corporate culture of exceptional employee training and service to their clients is a cornerstone of this family-owned business. They have seen the storm chasers and less reputable companies come and go over the years but have never been willing to take shortcuts or lower their standards to compete with them.

Being a locally owned family business has allowed the Kirberg family to make decisions consistent with knowing every job has their name and legacy on it. Additionally, the Kirberg roofing family is very involved with the community they live in and serve. The bottom line is whether you are the building owner, supplier or an employee—they are a professional organization that will be here to stand behind their work for generations.

“Jeremy, I want to thank you for the job your men did for AECI. I was up on [the] roof a couple times and all was going well. … Again, thanks to you and your men. Have a Merry Christmas.”

“I called because someone [from another company] had come out and told me I needed a new roof. Eric came out and said that was not true, that the roof looks good and that Kirberg Roofing had installed that roof back in 2012 and everything was fine. So I wanted to express my appreciation to Kirberg Roofing and thank you very much.”

Kirberg Company not only replaced our substandard roofing systems with high-quality work, they did it so quickly and professionally. They were a great pleasure to work with.

The Flexlight solar PV system offered by Kirberg Company maximizes energy production at any orientation. This type of versatility allows for energy production in a multitude of applications.

Our roof was damaged by a hail storm that came through the area on June 1, 1999. We proceeded to secure several estimates, your company’s included, as we made a claim with our insurance company. Jim E. of your company examined our roof, confirmed his finding of hail damage and had an estimate sent to us, which we sent to our insurance company. As we saw roofs going up all around us and claims being paid, our insurance company delayed, stalled and tried to deny our claim. Jim returned at least three or four times to meet with different examiners and so-called independent arbitrators to re-examine our roof.

The insurance company continued to deny and delay, no doubt hoping we would give up the fight and drop our claim. Without Jim’s willingness to come back several times on our behalf to meet with these people, we would have had no chance of getting this resolved in our favor.

Because of his efforts, our claim was finally resolved despite the poor performance of our insurance company. Because of Jim’s persistence, we finally received a check for our claim nearly six months after our claim was filed. My wife and I want to thank Jim for his great service. We wanted you to know how he went to bat for us in this matter and went the extra mile to help our cause.

Kirberg … agreed to accommodate this tenant by working on weekends, when Ameristeel’s employees are off the premises. Kirberg has gone the extra mile of roping off areas on the floor located below where roofing activity is taking place and covering product and equipment with tarpaulins to ensure safety and cleanliness.

I just want to acknowledge the excellent job that was done by the two men you placed on my job. Eric was extremely conscientious and courteous at all times. He was very professional about his work and was neat and organized. He kept me informed on the status of the job at all times and explained just what needed to be done and how. He was genuine in his desire to do the best possible job. I really appreciate this type of work ethic and attitude. It is very seldom found anymore.

I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation to your employees for the excellent job they did refurbishing the roof on my home. Our home is more than 80 years old and has the original tile roof, which was badly in need of replacement of the underlayment. We are extremely happy with the work that was recently completed and are enclosing payment in full with this letter.

I would also like to add a few specific comments about the individuals involved in this job. First, Jim Eastwood was extremely helpful in providing information, timely quotes, and in promptly scheduling the work. His willingness to provide information on the materials and workmanship and flexibility revising the quote were important factors in our decision to choose Kirberg. The crew of roofers on our job, Eric and Gus, were simply outstanding. Their work was always of the highest standard, they were extremely professional, and kept the job site extremely neat.

This was one of the hottest summers I can remember in St. Louis, and yet they never tried to cut corners or take shortcuts that might have compromised the job. Due to the age of our home, some unanticipated problems were encountered in the process of the repair. They did an excellent job of explaining various options and in finding efficient and affordable solutions that did not delay the progress of the project. Finally, I would like to add that they were extremely careful not to damage the landscaping or other details on the exterior of the home. We very much appreciate their care and concern.

I am certainly looking forward to not needing another roof repair for a long time! However, I will gladly recommend your company to any of our friends and/or neighbors who may be in need of a new roof.
Thanks again for your excellent services.

Dear Jim,

Thank you for your generous donation to our 2017 United way campaign. Your contribution helped us reach our departmental goal! All proceeds from the campaign will go directly to the United Way, which helps one in three people in our surrounding region. Each year, our department enjoys coming together to help this great charitable organization. Without our assistance, it would be nearly impossible for the United Way organizations to offer the vital services and programs that so many in our area need.

We would again like to thank you for supporting our community with your efforts.

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