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Industries and Building Specialties

We serve a wide variety of industries and offer various roofing specialties. Learn about them here.

As a commercial business owner or member, you need a roofing contractor that understands your operational needs. Kirberg Company has worked with a wide variety of businesses in many different industries over the past century, so we can adapt our roofing practices to meet your building’s and your business’s needs.

Why Do Different Industries Need Different Roofing Solutions?

Different industries need different roofing solutions because many commercial facilities are built to serve that industry’s general operations. Their roofs are designed with those operations in mind, too. At Kirberg, we make sure our solutions fit your business’s operations and your industry’s requirements.

Industries We Serve

We serve many industries, including the following:

Industrial Warehouses

We can work with the extensive square footage of roofing that industrial warehouses require.


If your refinery needs roofing services, Kirberg can provide them.

Manufacturing Plants

We can work with your roofing system to improve your manufacturing plant’s operations.


We’ve worked with St. Louis and Kansas City area hospitals, so we can complete your roofing project while you continue to serve your facility’s patients.

Government Facilities

We offering roofing services to keep municipal government buildings safe as their occupants serve their communities.


We can solve your roofing problems so you can keep delivering transportation services.

Corporate Campuses

Do the buildings on your campus all have the same type of roof or do they have a variety of roof types? Either way, Kirberg can maintain and repair all the buildings on your campus.


Whether it’s an elementary school or a university campus, we have the services to meet your educational facility’s roofing needs.


We can repair your apartment complex’s roof so neither the building manager nor the tenants have to deal with leaks or other roof problems.


Keep your condos in excellent shape with our roofing services. We’ll maintain the roofs and prevent any existing problems from growing.


You want all the retail locations in your mall to stay in good condition. Kirberg can help you do that with our roofing services.

Strip Malls

Kirberg’s commercial roofing services can help you ensure every location in your strip mall has a strong roof that prevents structural damage.

Grocery Stores

Your grocery store houses all different types of food and storage equipment. Keep them in excellent condition with our roofing services.

Distribution Centers

Keep your distributor center running smoothly with our commercial repair and maintenance services.

Storage Units

Use our roofing services to protect the items in your facility’s commercial storage units.

Gas Stations

Our commercial roofing services ensure that the roofs above your filling stations and your convenience store stay in excellent shape.

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