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Slate and Tile Roofing

Slate and clay or concrete tile roofs are some of the most durable and longest-lasting roof styles around. Find out how Kirberg can bring their benefits to your roof.

If you want a roof that lasts, you should invest in a slate roof or a concrete or clay tile roof. Homeowners have been using these roofs to protect their houses for centuries, and when they’re well-maintained, they can last for over 100 years. However, they require careful installation, and not every roofing contractor has the knowledge and experience to install them properly. Kirberg’s roofing professionals have 100 years of experience installing slate and tile roofs, so when you partner with us, you know we’ll install your tiles the right way.

A Beautiful, Unique Look

Slate’s appearance provides a natural beauty that enhances the look of any home or business. We offer a wide variety of natural colors so you can choose slate that will match your home’s color scheme and overall style. Slate maintains its distinct look as it ages, so its appearance can enhance your home or business for many years to come.

Slate roofs offer many benefits in addition to their longevity. Slate roof tiles are fireproof, so you won’t have to replace your roof in the aftermath of a house fire. They also resist mold and fungi, so you don’t have to worry about that particular roofing problem like you would with shake and shingle roofs. Additionally, a slate roof’s lifespan, its attractive appearance, and its durability add resale value to your home, so you can benefit from this roof installation even if you decide to move.

Slate installations, maintenance, and repairs take high levels of craftsmanship, knowledge, and experience. Kirberg Company has installed slate roofs through our 100-year history, so we have developed the expert craftsmanship needed to install, maintain, and repair these roofs. We have installed and worked on slate roofs all over St. Louis, ranging from slate and synthetic slate roofs on homes to a historic slate roof on a mausoleum. We know how to install and maintain slate on a variety of roof shapes and slopes.

Take Advantage of Our Roof Replacement Services

We replace all different kinds of roofs, so we can replace a slate roof with a new slate or tile roofing system, or we can help you choose a different roof type.

Benefits of Ceramic and Clay Tile Roof Lifespans

The benefits of terra cotta, ceramic, and clay roofs are very similar to slate roofs’ benefits. They’re fireproof and resistant to mold and fungi. Since their tiles are interlocking, they also nearly eliminate the possibility of roof leaks, unless they crack or break under heavy impact. Additionally, when you replace a clay roof, you can grind up the tiles and recycle them, since they’re made from natural materials. Also, since a tile roof’s lifespan can stretch beyond 100 years, it’s unlikely you’ll need to replace it after it’s installed. Tile roofs can also give your house a distinct or historic look, and like slate, they can increase your home’s value if you ever decide to move.

Kirberg specializes in installing slate and tile roofs. What sets us apart from other slate and tile contractors? We use quality products to offer our customers skilled craftsmanship and safety excellence. Our 100 years of slate and tile installation experience gives us the knowledge base to develop the right roofing solution for each customer that takes advantage of these services.

Medium Interlocking Book Tile

The Tradeoffs of a Tile Roof Installation

Whether you choose a slate, concrete, or clay roof, a tile roof’s cost is much higher upfront than those of asphalt or wood shingle roofs. However, the high upfront cost of slate and tile roofs leads to lower maintenance in the long run, and their resistance to fire, mold, and leaks means you’ll have fewer repairs during the roof’s lifespan. Ultimately, paying a higher price for a tile roof installation can give your house strong long-term protection and durability with continued maintenance.

Install Your Tile Roof With Kirberg

Kirberg has installed, repaired, and replaced slate and tile roofs in the St. Louis area since 1920, so we have developed the expert craftsmanship and roofing services you need to install your tile roof properly. We have worked with all the major slate and tile roofing materials, so we know how to do the job correctly.

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