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Commercial Roof Insurance Claims

Kirberg can walk you through the roof insurance claim process so your roof can start receiving repairs as quickly as possible.

If your roof has suffered wind and hail damage, or any other major weather damage, you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company before you can schedule roof repairs. Kirberg Company can walk you through the roof claims process before we provide repair or replacement services. We can also provide emergency repair services to keep your roof watertight until your insurance approves your claim.

Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Roof

If you want to file an insurance claim for your roof, you need to partner with a roofing contractor first. Your contractor then visits your site and performs a roof inspection. They document the damage through photos, videos, and narrative descriptions of the damage.

Then the contractor gives you instructions on how to file a roof claim with your insurance company. Once you submit the claim, an insurance adjuster will visit your site to assess your roof and decide what counts as covered damages. You should invite your contractor to meet the adjuster, so you have professional representation during the insurance company’s inspection. After the inspection, the adjuster will approve or reject your claim. If they approve it, you will receive compensation for your roof damage. If they reject it, you can work with your roofing contractor to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

Repair Your Roof Damage With Kirberg

If you need to fix major roof damage or if you need a full roof replacement, reach out to Kirberg today. We can provide the services your roof needs.

Why Work With Kirberg During the Roof Insurance Claim Process?

Kirberg has assessed roof damage and provided repairs for 100 years, so we have seen everything. We’re a roofing company that works with insurance claims because we understand how devastating weather-related damage can be. When we partner with you, we do everything in our power to ensure you receive proper insurance coverage for your roof damage. Additionally, we provide the commercial repairs, restoration, or replacement your roof needs after the insurance claims process is complete.

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Recognizing Hail Damage

Since hail storms are a yearly problem in the Midwest, it’s important to recognize hail damage and how it affects your roof. If hail damage goes untreated on your roof, it can lead to many problems, including leaks. Of course, the problems can vary depending on your roof’s age and materials as well as the hailstones’ sizes, the wind, and other factors.

However, you should know that large hailstones can cause greater damage to flat roofs, while small hailstones can harm shingle roofs more severely because small hail can get between the granules on asphalt shingles. Additionally, hail can puncture flat asphalt roofs, so you should have your roofing contractor inspect your asphalt roof for possible punctures after a hail storm.

Protect Your Roof With Kirberg

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