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Kirberg Company is the premiere St. Louis commercial roofing company. We first opened our St. Louis, MO office nearly 100 years ago and are still proudly serving the St. Louis area, as well as, the entire nation. Our strong roots and ties in St. Louis have provided us with insight into the local St. Louis roofing market and community along with the necessary knowledge of the regions weather conditions and most suitable roofing types.

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The Kirberg Company St. Louis roofing office delivers building owners, property managers, architects and general contractors with roofing expertise and superior customer service in all roof types. We believe in preparing customized roofing solutions with the highest quality roofing materials. We work closely with the respective architect of the St. Louis roofing project to determine the structure’s long-term needs and develop a solution to most efficiently and effectively complete the roofing project within budget, on time, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Overall, we completed over 100 acres of commercial roofing projects in 2014

We have completed commercial roofing projects for some of the city’s biggest civic organizations, corporate headquarters, auto industrial plants, iconic office and medical building properties, warehouses, senior car facilities and other conventional and unusual structures. This includes the 100+ year City of St. Louis Courts, the St. Louis Fire Department, St. Louis Union Station, a 20 acre roof on the GM Plant, Edward Jones Dome, and solar panels on the MUNY outdoor opera.

Award Winning and Safety Driven

For Commercial Roofing in St. Louis, Kirberg Company is the safe choice for your commercial property and a smart move considering the value of your investment. With numerous safety and professional awards, the most experienced craftsmen, and a spotless safety record, it is clear why Kirberg Company has become the choice of more fortune 500 companies than any other commercial roofing contractor in St. Louis.

The Latest Technology

At Kirberg Company, we pride ourselves on constantly evolving and updating our commercial roofing techniques, methodology and technology. By using “Old-World Craftsmanship + Tomorrow’s Technology”, we stay ahead of the competition and lead the way in St. Louis commercial roofing.

We believe that no one has our level of expertise when it comes to commercial roofing and we prove it every day. When you find it difficult to find a company who will complete the job exactly the way you would like, remember Kirberg Company. Our volume, client roster, professional staff and outstanding record for jobs completed on time and on budget makes your decision easy.


Commercial Roofing in St. Louis for All Types of Roofs

St. Louis has a very diverse range of commercial properties, and we install, repair, and service virtually every type of commercial roof. Whether your job is a basic flat roof or the most difficult and unusual shape and structure; no other company in St. Louis can deliver a finished job the way we can. Kirberg Company has a ranging set of commercial roofing capabilities in order to fit any roof requirements. Here are a few of the most widely-served types of commercial roof systems we install St. Louis:

EPDM Roofing:

EPDM roofing systems, also known as rubber roofing, are durable, easy to install, easy to repair, and have an extremely long life. A St. Louis EPDM roof is made from a synthetic rubber called Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer that is ideal for a flat or low-slope roof. One of the biggest benefits of having a synthetic rubber roof is that it won’t crack, making it easy to waterproof and protect your property from leaks or moisture intrusion due to weather. It is a low-cost option comparatively, and requires minimum maintenance and repair.

Thermoplastic Roofing (TPO):

One of the most popular types of roofing is known as Thermoplastic, or TPO roofing. Part of the reason that St. Louis TPO roofs are so popular is that their made from one of the most durable materials on the market. Much like EPDM roofing, it’s very pliable and flexible under stress. Another great TPO feature is that it’s made to handle high temperature exposure, as well as being resistant to most chemicals and ozone exposure. This is a durable roof that will typically last for over 20 years, making it a great buy as well as an efficient cost solution.

Green Roofs:

St. Louis is an ever-changing city, and more and more, environmentally sustainable building solutions are becoming popular for businesses. This is why St. Louis green roofs are not only desirable, but also represents a trend for the future. At Kirberg Company, we install sedum green roofs, which are ideal for vegetation, and when planted over a waterproof Sedum membrane, the roof creates an organic, insulated surface. Green roofs are not only resourceful energy savers in the interior, keeping energy costs lower, but up on the roof the vegetation will absorb city heat and pollution. Green roofs typically need a flat surface, making this ideal for larger commercial buildings in St. Louis.

Photovoltaic Panels (Solar Panels):

Going along with the theme of environmental sustainability, St. Louis solar panel installation is a great green option. Photovoltaic paneling, or PV paneling, is the most common form of a solar energy saving roof. These are the panels you’ll see on top of a commercial property or residence and act as a power provider. They are equally effective on commercial properties as they are on residences. PV panels can be installed on both flat and sloped roofs and also placed over tile and integrated with glass structures. The best part is that it generates electricity for a commercial or residential asset that will supplement the electricity you pay to run your property. The panels can even produce excess energy above what you use to run your property and there are plans available where you can sell back the excess to the utility. They are required to buy a percentage of their overall energy purchase from alternative sources so this is an ideal situation for both you and your electric company. Return for the cost of installing the system varies with the type of system, but generally, you’ll see a return after a few years. The energy-generating aspect of solar panel roofs is one of its most attractive qualities and can cut a significant amount of money out of your electric bill.

St. Louis Commercial Roof Restoration

If you have walked your roof and noticed membrane punctures, ponding water, or seam voids, your initial reaction may be to assume a roof replacement is in need. With proper care and maintenance, your roof may be a candidate to be restored. During a restoration project, roofing material is left in place with minor issues being addressed, and the roof is resurfaced to help prolong its life. This is a less invasive and expensive option than a complete or even partial roof replacement.

It’s important to keep in mind the design of your building, and amount of routine maintenance. These all play crucial roles in determining the life expectancy of roofing materials. The longer you can extend your roof’s life before replacement, the more overall savings increase and life cycle costs decrease.

Why choose Roof Restoration?

To determine if your roof is a good candidate for a restoration, a thorough inspection needs to take place. The roof needs to be in overall good condition, with minimal to no water intrusion into the existing roof system. Candidates for a restoration should have the recommended slope for the existing roof system that is properly installed and secured correctly with minimal ponding water. Some commercial and industrial buildings may be congested or have several penetrations. Conduit, gas and steam lines, and mechanical equipment can make a roof replacement difficult. A fluid-applied system can be a good alternative to working in these congested areas. One of the most important reasons for choosing a restoration is budget consideration. If the owner has a limited budget they want to spend, restoration can come in significantly less than a roof replacement.

Easy Fix:

  • Membrane punctures
  • Splits
  • Seam voids
  • Other maintenance due to normal aging of roof system

Challenging Fix:

  • Ponding water due to poor structure or design
  • Structural damage
  • Saturated insulation
  • Dirty and aged or deteriorated membrane
  • Accessibility
  • Congestion such as mechanical equipment and pipes.

Why choose Roof Replacement?

A thorough inspection is a necessary step to determine if a roof replacement is needed. Deteriorated membrane past the ability to repair or patch the area, saturated insulation, and poor installation of the existing roof system are all reasons you would forego the roof restoration and head straight to a roof replacement. If the roof is beyond the ability for Kirberg to restore and currently has two roofs, per code, the two roofs must be torn off and replaced.

Steps taken for a Roof Restoration:

  1. Inspection of the roof system, while discussing the needs and budget with the owner.
  2. Perform moisture scan.
  3. Select proper restoration product. Fluid-applied membrane or coating system versus flood coat with gravel.
  4. Consult with product manufacturer representative on scope of work and product installation rates.
  5. Prepare roof. Replace any wet insulation. Strip-in seams, repair loose wall/unit flashing, repair punctures, check drains and scupper for proper drainage.
  6. Power wash the entire roof system, or wet-vac if necessary.
  7. Prime at a rate per manufacturer.
  8. Install base coat or flood coat at a rate per manufacturer.
  9. Install top coat or aggregate surfacing at a rate per manufacturer.

It is a good idea to consider a restoration of the existing roof surface before the system expires or begins to fail. This will ensure the existing roof system is a good candidate to receive a restoration.


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