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Kansas City Commercial Roofing Springtime Maintenance

Published May 4, 0649

Let’s start Kansas City’s first day of spring with a big smile! Although it is still winter in our region, it’s time to start thinking of a roofing maintenance plan. This may be a little dull to think about, but preventing leaks is much easier and more cost effective than repairing water damage or intrusion. The best way to extend the life of your roofing system, installed by Kirberg Company, is with an extensive commercial roof maintenance plan. With a healthy plan for your roof in tow, it can extend the integrity of your roof well past the initial warranty period. Regular roof maintenance isn’t only fiscally responsible, but an intrinsic component in your building’s investment.

Roof Inspections – Kirberg Company recommends a bi-annual inspection of your Kansas City roof, usually in the springtime and in the fall. Most roofing system warranties should have specific roofing maintenance guidelines that you must adhere to in order to keep the validity of the warranty intact.

Preventative Maintenance – On top of regular maintenance, inspections and repairs, there are a few preventative measures you can take which will help extend the integrity of your roofing system. General precautions should be followed by all personnel allowed on the roof, including professional roofing technicians from Kirberg Company of Kansas City, such as: only walking on designated walkway pads, punctual cleaning of drain clogs, housekeeping on the roof (don’t leave any tools that could puncture the membrane), and never smoke on your roof.

Establishing a Maintenance Plan – It is imperative to have proper documentation of your roof’s history for Kirberg Company to be able to create a successful commercial roofing maintenance plan for your Kansas City commercial buildings. Your commercial roofing files should include, but not be limited to, the original roof specifications, shop drawings, roofing proposals, daily construction reports, daily progress reports, the manufacturer’s product data sheets, safety data sheets, reports of all roof changes, repairs and modifications, and all warranty documents.

Comprehensive Roof Survey - An initial all-inclusive roof survey provides a substantial outset of a new maintenance plan. At Kirberg Company, we have guidelines and policies we must adhere to in order to assure all of our Kansas City clients get the prospective customer service and proper detailing they deserve. Our roof inspection guideline includes a satellite image of your building, a roof drawing, overview pictures of your current roof and all sections, the defects found on your roof with a detailed description (roof section, description of defect, cause, future impact, and scope of work), a roof condition summary report (roof section, square footage, type of roof system, and life expectancy), immediately recommended actions, and safety procedures set forth by Kirberg when repairing your roof.

Why does your Kansas City building need a commercial roof maintenance plan?

  • Warranty preservation and effectiveness
  • Locating underlying issues and problematic areas
  • Avoid internal building damage
  • Discover defects caused by workers of all trades
  • Extend the life of your roof by minimizing wear and tear through preventative maintenance.

An acceptable maintenance plan is a necessary investment. The cost of maintenance and repair on an annual basis is far less than a roof replacement. Please call Kirberg Company of Kansas City to schedule an inspection or to start a regular maintenance schedule today. Call our Toll-Free Number at 866-KIRBERG.

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