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What is Slate?

Slate is a metamorphic rock which has been compressed with extraordinary force over a very long time. This causes it to be incredibly dense and leads to its durability, temperature resistance, and water impermeability. Even with man-made alternatives being available, natural slate still remains one of the best, and arguably longest lasting, roofing materials available.

The Advantages of A Slate Roof

Extreme Longevity

Very few roofing materials can rival slate’s longevity. It is well known slate roofs can last over 100 years. This has even been proven in our own roofing projects as many homes still have their original slate roof which we installed in our early years.

Slate roofing quarries often offer a 100-year material warranty on the slate. This adds incredible value to a home even for those who plan to never sell.

A Beautiful, Unique Look

Slate has a natural beauty to it and will enhance the look of any home or business. You can choose between a wide variety of natural slate colors to match your house perfectly. Unlike many other roofing materials, as slate weathers it maintains its distinct look even with age.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Slate tiles are waterproof and will not absorb water
Weather Resistant
Here in the Midwest we often see inconsistent weather, vast temperature fluctuations, heavy winds and other weather conditions which take their toll on most roofing materials. Slate is highly resistant to any temperature fluctuations and inclement weather conditions. This makes Slate ideal in areas like the Midwest who are prone to heavy wind, snow, and rain.
Slate is completely non-combustible and will help to protect your home during a fire.
Unaffected by Fungus and Mold
A slate roof will not be affected by fungus and mold. This is due to both the natural characteristics of the material and its water impermeability.

These properties make slate roofing a low maintenance system when installed new and add to its appeal over time.

Slate Is An Environmentally Friendly Roofing Choice

Slate’s permanence and environmental benefits is what makes it an environmentally friendly roofing choice. Waste from roofing systems which get replaced every 10 to 20 years account for 5% of all construction waste. This fills up our shrinking landfill space unnecessarily. With slate roofs lasting 5 to 10 times as long, you can rest assured knowing you are not contributing to this increasing environmental problem.

From an energy standpoint, slate’s carbon footprint is arguably the lowest of all roofing materials. Except for the initial energy investment for extraction and transportation, slate requires no involvement of petrochemicals.

Slate Roofs Increase A Home’s Resale Value

With slate’s large number of advantages over other roofing materials, it is easy to see how installing a slate roof on your home will greatly increase its resale value. Slate’s longevity, durability, and overall beauty will be very attractive to prospective buyers should you ever decide to sell.

The Disadvantages of a Slate Roof

A Slate roof has huge advantages over roofing systems constructed with other materials, and we highly recommend it to almost everyone. Slate isn’t for every building though and here the disadvantages of slate as a roofing material:

Requires a Complex Installation

Proper installation is key to slate’s longevity and durability. Since slate is a very specialized roofing system, proper training and experience is required to ensure a precise install. Major roofing problems can occur if a slate roof is not installed properly.

This is why it is critical to work with a very experienced and reputable slate roofing contractor.

Slate is Heavy

Slate roofing tiles can be between 800 - 1,500 pounds per 100 square feet depending on the grade and thickness. This is much heavier than other lower quality materials on the market and can be too much weight for homes which do not have the necessary structural support. Depending on the home, additional reinforcement can be installed to make the house capable of handling this weight. Before purchasing a new slate roof, you should have your home structurally assessed to ensure it can handle the weight of a slate roof.

Should You Install A Slate Roof?

Slate has long list of advantages which make it extremely appealing. If your home has the structural support to hold a slate roof and you have the budget for the increased cost of material and complex installation, slate is a fantastic choice. With slate you trade up-front cost for long-term value, low maintenance, and a beautiful aesthetic appeal.

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Slate Roof?

A properly installed natural slate roof requires very little maintenance and should last a century or more if maintained correctly. Assessing the condition of a slate roof to accurately decide if a replacement is necessary requires in-depth training and attention to detail. Walking on your slate roof to try to determine condition can easily break tiles and lead to much more extensive damage. You should always contact an experienced slate roofing contractor if you are looking to have your slate roof assessed for potential damage.

Here at Kirberg Company we have been installing slate roofs for nearly 100 years and are proud of the craftsmanship and dedication we put into our work. We always conduct a detailed roof inspection and provide you with a report on the condition of your roof and our recommendation on whether it needs a full replacement or just repairs.


St. Louis Residential Roofing Service Overview

Residential Roof Construction

Kirberg Company always provides customized residential roofing solutions by working closely with the homeowner. We guide you through the process, educate you on the most viable roofing options, and listen to your needs. We present the facts and provide you with our best recommendation according to your needs, budget, energy consumption, maintenance costs, and repairs.

Roof Restoration

Kirberg roof restoration experts are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of residential roof restoration and repair. We are proud to have responded, rescued, and restored thousands of homes quickly and professionally. We will evaluate your situation and recommend a smart plan that will get your home back in order promptly with the best long-term solution at the best cost.

Roof Replacement

Has your home’s roof been damaged and need to be replaced? If so, Kirberg Company is the right choice for your roof replacement. With almost 100 years of experience and numerous awards, Kirberg Company ensures that your roof replacement is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Roof Inspection & Maintenance

Roof inspection and maintenance are critical in maximizing a residential roof’s lifespan. Kirberg Company devises a customized St. Louis residential roof inspection program tailored specifically to your needs in order to protect your investment and add years to the life of your roof. Kirberg can prepare a custom inspection and maintenance program to fit any budget. Our programs will ensure that your roofing investment is protected.

24/7 Emergency Home Roof Repair

Kirberg Company offers 24/7 emergency roof repair in St. Louis because a damaged roof can compromise the entire stability of your home, resulting in costly repair bills down the road. Kirberg Company has decades of experience handling emergency roof repair situations. Call our roof repair specialists and save yourself both money and time.

Emergency Leak Repair

Kirberg roof leak repair experts have seen everything. From downed trees, to tornadoes, and softball-sized hail, we’ve fielded emergency leak repair calls from frantic clients who’ve been pummeled by them all. Call the emergency professionals at Kirberg. Our leak repair team will be on site and ready to work as soon as the storm has passed.


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