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What to look for before hiring a roofing contractor

Published April 11, 0735

When a customer finds a roof leak that needs repair or to be replaced what are they to do?  How will they choose the right company to do the job?  What are some common aspects that the customer may not think about, that is important?

Kirberg Company has provided a list of important traits to look for when selecting a roofing contractor.

There are many ways to get the name of a roofing contractor.  

  • Internet Search
  • Advertising
  • Referral from friend, neighbor, family, general contractor, BBB

What you do about it once you get the name?  

You should research the company, find out if they have the following:

  • How long they’ve been in business
  • Insurance
  • Safety Record
  • Verify the types of roofs the contractor provides service for
  • Accreditations
  • Website
  • Good Reviews
  • Apprenticeship Program

Why are these important?

  • Number of year in business-  Knowing how long a company has been in business can tell a great deal about the amount of  experience they have.  Kirberg Company has been family owned and operated since 1920, that’s almost 100 years!  We have the experience, old-world craftsmanship and tomorrow’s technology.  
  • Insurance- The customer should have no worries if an injury or accident occurs while the contractor completes roof work.  Any repair or contracted roof services, whether residential or commercial, should not fall to the building owner in the event of damage or injury.  All contractors should offer proof of workmans compensation to cover injured employees.  General liability insurance will protect the customers building and contents.
    • Safety Record- Knowing the safety record of the company verifies quality workmanship, company provides extensive training, Values the safety of the team, and they will get the job done right.

    • Verify roof type- The contractor chosen should be a certified applicator of the customer's selected roof type.

    • Accreditation- Better Business Bureau provides reviews and keeps tracks of referrals so the person looking for a company can get information they may not have found otherwise.  The BBB will also create a piece of mind that it is a reputable company.

    • Website- Visit the company’s website, here the customer can get a feel for what the company does, how long they have been in business and other useful information.

    • Good Reviews- Reviews are an excellent source to learn about customers overall experience with the company.

    • Apprenticeship Program - Quality contractors enroll employees in a certified apprentice program.  For instance, our apprentices work over 5,000 hours and attend weekly educational programs before becoming  journeymen roofers.

    The customer may find that after all the research the company that provides a bid may not be as low as the next company.  The research should support exactly why the cost may be more.  The customer will have a better understanding which is the better company and the one that’ll get the job done in the time needed.

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