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Associated General Contractors of Missouri Annual Award for Zero Recordable Accidents

Published April 11, 0710

Kirberg Company proudly accepted the Associated General Contractors of Missouri annual award for Zero Recordable Accidents.  Maintaining a safety record with Zero Recordable Accidents for a whole year and working 270,000 hours is no simple feat, since a Recordable Accident is defined as an injury or illness that requires medical treatment beyond first aid.  Under the direction of the current president, Eric Kirberg; Kirberg Company has renewed its emphasis on working safely.  Kirberg Company has made a substantial investment in safety equipment and training our employees to work in a safe and conscious manor.  Kirberg Company takes its safety so seriously that you may consider us a safety and logistics company that happens to perform roofing.

Kirberg Company’s dedication to safety can be seen in our Experience Modification Rate (EMR).  Companies wish to receive a low EMR as it is the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s (NCCI) way to rate contractors.  Insurance companies use this rating when writing insurance policies and many companies evaluate EMR ratings when qualifying contractors.  Currently, Kirberg Company is one of our industries leaders with a 0.56 EMR. 

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