Winter Weather Folklore


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Winter Weather Folklore

Winter is coming!! Take your bets on a mild winter or a wild winter. These days it seems like weather reporters cannot always tell what tomorrow has in store for us, and most predictions are educated guesses!!   

How does nature predict the weather? For the Wooly Bear Caterpillar, it’s believed that the amount of brown or black on the caterpillar can determine if the winter is going to be mild or severe.  In recent reports, people are seeing mostly black fuzzy caterpillars.  Which means we are sure to have a severe winter, but who really knows? 

Another way to check is to look to plants, specifically, the Persimmon seed. After slicing open the seed, the inside shape looks like silverware.  You may see a fork, knife, or spoon.  A spoon means wet snow and shoveling are ahead, a fork means milder weather with flurries or a little snow, and the knife means a cold winter that will slice right through you.  This year at the Missouri conservation office they cut open a seed and it turned out to be a spoon, so make sure you have your shovels handy! 

Additional methods include the color of the fall foliage. The brighter the leaves, the harsher the winter is said to be. It’s also said that the depth of the mole hole and the height of a hornet’s nest can attest to a harsh winter.  Whichever way you choose to predict this upcoming winter, be on the lookout for a crazy season. At least, that’s what the persimmon seed said. 

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