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Kirberg Company is the premiere commercial and residential roofing company. We opened our first office nearly 100 years ago and are still proudly serving the Midwest, as well as, the entire nation.

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Missouri Employers Mutual Safety Award

Missouri Employers Mutual honors employers each year for providing a safe work environment for the employees of Missouri. There is a nomination process followed by an evaluation from a review board. Kirberg was one of 18 employers recognized among 15,000 policy holders that MEM insures in Missouri.

Items noted was the involvement of the safety committee, good claims management practices, the spread of the safety culture to all employees, and the ongoing commitment to safety. Our safety has earned us an EMR rating of .53 and many awards. At Kirberg Company we are safety fanatics and continuously look for ways to make sure that our employees are safe and following all guidelines. We make sure to practice safety everyday so that lives are saved and everyone goes home safely.


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