How to Safely Install your Holiday Lights


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How to Safely Install your Holiday Lights

1. Good Ladder

Ensure safety with an appropriate ladder that is a compatible height to your home and in good, sturdy condition. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for use.

2. Insulated Light Holders

Make sure to use insulated gutter clips to aid in the installation process. Tacks or nails are not recommended.

Holiday Light Holder

3. Good Quality Bulbs

Inspect your bulbs on a yearly basis prior to installation; replace bulbs that have dissipated.

4. Timer

Double check the lights are off before bedtime as to avoid any possible hazards.

5. GFCI Outlets

It's optional to place outside permanently or temporarily for the season.

GFCI Outlets

6. Extension Cords

Keep an eye on the placement of extension cords by taping them down or away from walkways.

7. Go Water Resistant

Always choose water-resistant lights and extension cords.

8. Be Aware of any Power Lines

Keep your ladder and lights away from power lines to avoid the risk of electric shock.