Commercial Solar Panels

By harnessing the power of the sun, solar panels create and store clean, carbon-free electricity that can be used to meet your energy needs and drastically reduce energy costs. Hurricane-proof, lightweight commercial solar panels adhere to the roof without additional supports and fasteners – leaving your roof warranty protection intact. The tax incentives, savings, and revenues gained from implementing commercial solar systems can pay for itself in just six years. During its 25 year guarantee, our solar roofing can offer over a 100% return on investment.

Solar Cost Savings

Commercial solar panel systems can dramatically reduce the heating and cooling costs of your commercial property. In fact, a 10 kW system of solar PV panels will generate the energy equivalent of 583,000 lbs of coal over it’s lifetime. Over that same lifetime, pv solar panel installation will add to your bottom line.

In just the first six years of usage, the anticipated total savings, revenue, and incentives of a $225,000 installation are greater than $250,000. Therefore, your building’s solar photovoltaic panels will actually save your company close to twice the initial investment in the next twenty five years.

The ability of your building to be self-sufficient in energy production will also allow you to sell excess energy back to the utility company. On top of the savings, your business/home will demonstrate environmental awareness. Our company will also provide an interactive system that will display the output gained by the installation of your solar panels so that you can see results instantly.

Aesthetically Pleasing Glass Based PV Panels

In early versions of photovoltaic roofing, high efficiency solar PV panels were tacked-on appendages, mounted awkwardly and conspicuously on rooftops. Fortunately, today’s solar PV panels are much more aesthetically pleasing. Glass based PV panels are particularly pleasing to the eye, and can even enhance the look of a home by doing double duty as windows and skylights. Additionally, some glass based PV panels can be tinted to modify the panel’s color, making them blend in seamlessly. Another attractive and inconspicuous option comes in the form of high efficiency PV panels that are designed to mimic roof shingles or tiles.

Metal Roof Solar Panel Solutions

Installing Solar PV panels on a metal roof can be a tricky endeavor. For many years, a good metal roof solar panel solution just didn’t exist. Building owners had to make a decision to either forgo the benefits of high efficiency solar roofing altogether or jeopardize the integrity of the metal roof system and its accompanying warranties. Thankfully, a Colorado Springs company has come up with a dependable and secure metal roof solar panel solution.

Now, the professionals at Kirberg can securely install your high efficiency solar PV panels directly onto your metal roof without compromising dependability or warranty. S-5 clips can be used in place of bolts to bond a PV panel system directly to your metal roof with no penetration. With each clip priced as low as 10 to 20 cents per watt, S-5 clips are among the best available solutions for your metal roof.

Getting the Most of PV Solar Panels

To achieve maximum results from PV solar panels, it is important to position them optimally on your roof. Generally, fixed photovoltaic solar panels should be pointed in whatever direction will enable them to capture the most sunlight possible. This varies by season and geographic location.

If your need for energy is highest in the winter, your roofing specialist may recommend that you leave your photovoltaic panel system on the winter tilt all year long. To calculate the best tilt for photovoltaic solar panels in the winter, take your latitude, multiply by 0.9 and add 29 degrees to your total. The result of this calculation will give you the appropriate angle at which your PV solar panels should be tilted in the winter season.

Adjusting Photovoltaic Solar Panels Seasonally

Although it’s a little more work, adjusting your PV panels seasonally will net more energy to use, store or sell back to the utilities. The optimal angle of tilt for spring and autumn is your latitude minus 2.5 degrees. The ideal angle for your PV solar panels in the summer is calculated by subtracting 52.5 degrees from the winter angle.

Kirberg Company Solar Panel Services

As the leading commercial roofing contractor in the Midwest, Kirberg Company is leading the way in expert solar panel installation. If you’re ready to enjoy the cost savings and other benefits that come with a high efficiency solar PV panels, we’d love to schedule a free consultation with you. Our roofing experts will discuss all the options you have in solar energy roofing systems. Regardless of whether you are looking for glass based PV panels, a metal roof solar panel solution, crystalline or amorphous PV panels, the specialists at Kirberg can explain the benefits of each and help you find the best high efficiency solar PV panels for your roofing project.



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