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Commercial Roof Replacement

With over 90 years of experience and numerous awards, Kirberg Company offers roof replacement for commercial buildings in St. Louis and the entire Midwest.

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Has your building or home’s roof been damaged and needs to be replaced? If so, Kirberg Company is the right choice for your roof replacement.

Kirberg Company ensures that your roof replacement is as easy and hassle-free as possible. Whether it’s due to a specific storm or the wear and tear of many years, Kirberg’s experienced staff will inspect the roof and provide you with the best solution.

Roof Replacement

A good roof constructed by a reputable and experienced St. Louis roofing contractor should last for at least a decade and in some cases even three. Unfortunately, many contractors cut corners, and in some cases roofs installed by low-end contractors can fail in as little as 5 years. However, there comes a time in every building or homes’ lifetime that it is necessary to replace the roof. And when you do, make sure you choose the right contractor.

In order to determine if your roof requires replacement here are a few indicators:

  • The age of the roof is a good indicator of when it should be replaced. The normal life of a roof is 15 years, but depending on weather conditions and maintenace the life can either be signifcantly shortened or extended. However, after 15 years it is a good idea to have your roof inspected to see if a replacement is necessary.
  • If leaks are regularly appearing, the heating or cooling bill is greatly fluctuating, or if there are numerous missing, buckeled or torn shingles, then it is best to contact a trusted roofing contractor to inspect the roof and evaluate the condition. Most likely a roof replacement is the best option, rather than a repair which can result in recurring problems.
  • Extreme weather conditions, like prolonged snow, hail or rain can all cause accelerated roof deterioration. If your commercial building or home is often presented with unpleasant forces of nature and the conditions of interior walls touching the roof are worsening, then it is time to have your roof inspected for a possible replacement.

Advantages of Roof Replacement Over Roof Repair

One advantage of roof replacement to roof repair is that you are in full control of how your new roof is constructed. Many times the previous owner of the building or home did not use the best materials or a reliable contractor, but now you can select the ideal roof type. Another advantage is that repairs can often result in the same problem occurring, even if they were done correctly.

Roof replacement isn’t a small investment, but it is often a necessary one to protect your roof from wind and rain damage. Keep in mind that a roof is a long-term investment. With proper care, your new roof can last a good 20-30 years. Kirberg Company will work with you to make your roof replacement transition seamless and non-intrusive as possible. Learn more about our roofing services and St. Louis commercial roofing.