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Commercial Roof Inspection

Roof inspection and maintenance in St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield is critical in maximizing a commercial or residential roof’s lifespan. Kirberg Company devises a customized roof inspection and maintenance program tailored specifically to your needs in order to protect your investment and add years to the life of your roof.

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Roofs are constantly presented with challenges and faced with adversity. Whether it is due to extreme weather conditions, structural movement, foot traffic, defects, abuse, or lack of maintenance, your roof can be negatively affected and result in costly repairs or a premature failure of the roofing system. The key is to detect the problem sooner rather than later. Therefore, a regular program of roof inspection and/or repairs will help detect minor problems before they become serious.

Roof Inspection & Maintenance Program

Typical roof inspection and maintenance programs in St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield are done on a yearly, bi-yearly or quarterly basis. Kirberg recommends that at least two roof inspections are done every year; ideally, once in the spring and once in the fall. Also, Kirberg strongly advises that your roof should be inspected after any occurrence where the roof may have incurred damage, such as construction, fire or a serious storm.

During roof inspection, Kirberg roofing specialists will scrutinize roof traffic patterns, drainage systems, base attachments and will also investigate the possible occurrence of any contaminants, moisture infiltration or faulty roof membrane seams.

Kirberg licensed St. Louis roofing contractors will closely examine all components of the roofing system and compile a detailed report. The report will list any signs of deterioration, drainage problems, wind storm damage and other circumstances. Kirberg’s detailed reports are also a great source of information for valuing a property and setting a budget.

With an investment as large as a roof, it is critical to enlist the service of a qualified, licensed contractor for periodic roof inspections. Additionally, to keep most roofing warranties in full effect, manufacturers require a verifiable roof inspection and any subsequent recommended maintenance.

Kirberg is a full service St. Louis commercial roofing company and residential roofing contractor. Our 90+ years of completing roofing projects across the entire Midwest will ensure that your roof is inspected and maintained by one of the most capable and experienced roofing companies in the United States.

We can prepare a custom roof inspection and maintenance program to fit any budget. Our programs will ensure that your roofing investment is protected. Contact Kirberg today and obtain a customized proposal for ongoing inspection and maintenance services for your commercial or residential roof.